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Dear and damn readers

Dear and damn readers:

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viernes, 16 de marzo de 2018

Corruption - Death for Sale

Corruption  - Death for Sale
Thrash Metal From Canada

It is a remembrance of a work done around the year 1991, that defends the aggressiveness of the thrash metal of the 80s, in some occasions with a certain approach to death Metal considering the handling of the gutturals. Absolutely all the songs contained here incite shaking the head with the powerful and fast guitar riffs along with the bass and percussion. You can also exalt the way they elaborate and execute their musical compacts, one could say that there is a repetition of very good melodies and rhythms and with coherent transitions.

Aroma de Saturno - Aroma de Saturno EP

Aroma de Saturno - Aroma de Saturno EP
Sludge/Stoner/Doom Metal From Brazil

The density of this EP translates to a magical journey that crosses psychedelia and darkness sensations simultaneously, this is summarized in passages of the Metal stoner and the Sludge Metal, predominantly the traditional Doom Metal, all the themes are purely instrumental and you just need to leave carry by the heaviness, however it is also to highlight the frequent bending of guitar, the role played by the percussion directing the direction of the songs and finally the preponderant bass that offers a sense of depth.

Drainage - demo 2017

Drainage - demo 2017
Death metal / grindcore From Poland

this Polish duo makes grindcore crudely and openly in an explosive manner, revealing the disgust in its greatest expression, the songs that can be heard in a short time are "conspiracy of thieves" and "brainwashed"

Al Khannes - Demo II

Al Khannes -  Demo II
Black Metal From Germany

manifests bellicose and anti-religion feelings through this eleborado demo which is the second that they release after two years of releasing their first demo, the structure of the songs maintains a very particular form, breakdowns and unusual changes are noticed without losing the essence of black metal

Cold Killer - Live at zapata -Brutal Grind XV

Cold Killer -  Live at zapata -Brutal Grind XV
Brutal Death Metal / Grindcore From Brazil

band from Sao Paulo, is categorized in the traditional techniques of grindcore also rescued by chance the classic sound of old formats like the cassette, this achieved partly because it is a live recording, finally you can detail a recreation of the war through the percussion of some songs

Eyes to the Sun - Broken Places

Eyes to the Sun - Broken Places
Melodc Death Metal / Metalcore from U.S.

This American band focuses its lyrics on a form of apology of religion based on motivation, the technical execution of the instruments and the production of sound is very good, its style mixes elements of post hardcore, melodic death metal and metalcore with riffs of blunt guitars and breakdowns at specific times, likewise the way he performs electric guitar solos is admirable.

Paranoid Fantasy - Everlasting Madness

Paranoid Fantasy -  Everlasting Madness
Death Metal from Algeria

Death Metal of Algeria formed by members of bands like Cruality of Madness and Nightmare Delirium, the lyric content focuses on internal conflicts of being related to suicide, ego, idolatry and the control of the masses. It is an old school style Death Metal execution with elements of Brutal death Metal, without a doubt a sound landscape of blood and destruction that motivates listening to this album several times.

Krodha - Batrabanthadharma​!​!

Krodha -  Batrabanthadharma​!​!
Industrial Black Metal/ Ambient From Hungary

Single member band that combines elements of ambient, symphonic metal, indutrial, black metal and neofolk, showing an interesting transition of musical and sound elements that move to a landscape in constant transformation, the lyrics are written in the native language of Hungary expressing a analogy of human ignorance and negativity as the wrath of the universe product of the evolution of being, that's why this album is loaded with misanthropy and indvidualism. It is interesting to note that this album is composed of three identical themes in its structure with the same intro.

Zajetí Kouře - Vyřešíme si to sami!

Zajetí Kouře  - Vyřešíme si to sami! 
Thrash Metal/Groove Metal From Czech Republic
 The style that can be heard in this Ep is that of a forceful Thrash Metal and very inclined to the wave of post thrash metal of the early and mid-90s of which were leading many recognized bands when they entered this decade. You can notice the eventual implementation of breakdowns in the guitar, riffs of Thrash Metal, Doom Metal and Groove Metal, progressions and few elements of post hardcore.
Download From Bandzone 

lunes, 12 de febrero de 2018

Draugr - Forgotten Realms

Draugr -  Forgotten Realms
Black Metal From Finland

band composed of two members who in the midst of the atmospheric melodies of keyboards, distorted guitars, percussion and bass, make this wonderful demo that contains 5 tracks of pure Finnish black metal and the school of the second wave.

Emesia - Emia

Emesia - Emia
Death Metal from Argentina
the demo "Emia" reflects the death metal of the purest and oldest school, emitting guitar riffs, bass and percussion strong and forceful style, the changes of compasses and tempos will really leave you entertained and eager to hear more.

Ecos Póstumos - Devoradores de Sentimentos (SINGLE)

Ecos Póstumos -  Devoradores de Sentimentos (SINGLE)
Depressive Black Metal From Brazil

band formed by a single member called Renato Nascimento narrates in his lyric poems of September yellow, reflecting the depression generated by the routine, in its form of instrumental performance is a mixture of black metal depressive, post metal and rock. for lovers of this style of black metal can enjoy this single released today Discography Free Download

KickxAssxViolence - KxAxV demo

KickxAssxViolence -  KxAxV demo
Grindcore/Goregrind/Death Metal/Powerviolence From canada

no doubt this demo shows the most basic aspects of the old school within the most aggressive styles of hardcore punk, we can hear the prominence of the riffs sometimes accompanied by gutturals that reflect Death Metal and grindcore in its splendor, Powerviolence is note in the parts of some songs where the voices intervened harcore punk style. other times we will listen to an interesting mixture of all these styles and vocal techniques at intervals of time.

Silent Scream - Upstream

Silent Scream - Upstream
Heavy/ Progressive Metal From Argentina

Silent Scream is a heavy metal band oriented to rock and progressive metal. Its voice handling is very simple but according to the style, there are some interesting transitions that are marked by the use of different drum times and electric guitar riffs. that makes the songs dynamic thanks to the accompaniment of different vocalizations, keyboard rhythms and bass. Web Site

jueves, 25 de enero de 2018

kush - kush EP

kush - kush EP
Death Metal / Grindcore from Argentina

From the city of Zarate comes this aggressive band of death metal grindcore who undoubtedly know how to harmonize very well the changes in time and compasses, making possible a satisfactory transition between one riff and another, not to mention the fabulous breakdown and those moments of silence that leave the listener in suspense.

Monmuuth - Vailgrave

Monmuuth -  Vailgrave
Doom Metal From Ukraine

Vailgrave is a compilation of the one-man band Monmuuth, here is the remastering of the first two EPs: "Grave" - 2014, "Vail.Act One" - 2015, Quaker who is the mind behind this project He has been able to complement very well the atmospheric sounds with guitar distortions and sound effects in such a way that each song resembles a journey through a story. The lyrical theme that is handled is death, despair and hatred towards all kinds of gods.

Ленар Деллерт - Время

Ленар Деллерт -  Время
Death / Doom Metal From Russia

One-man band from the Kazan city in Russia, who composes and plays all the instruments is Lenar Dellert. In this work entitled "Время" which translates "time" reflects a sound landscape of symphonic arrangements, atmospheric passages and acoustic guitar arpeggios, perfectly combined with the heaviness of Death Doom Metal, this much influenced by the second wave of doom metal of the 90s

Gorilla Troops - Страшный Суд (Last Judgment)

Gorilla Troops -  Страшный Суд (Last Judgment)
Crossover Thrash Metal From Russia

Band from Saint Petersburg city strongly influenced by the sounds of old school punk hardcore and bands like Slayer and Burial, you can notice a strength in this EP that can make anyone who appreciates thrash metal bang the head, It is very satisfying to listen to the riffs that are presented throughout these songs and their impressive way of downloading energy with percussion, bass and voice.

Outlaw - Total Devil Worship (Live Demo)

Outlaw -  Total Devil Worship (Live Demo)
Black Metal From Brazil

occultist black metal band from the city of Sao Paulo, its dark sound is accompanied by lyrics about the doctrines of anti cosmic luciferism and the Mahapralaya that consists of the cyclical dissolution of the universe in the Hindu culture. It is an extreme metal form that closely approximates the sound of South American underground metal. Now they are about to release their most recent album "Path to Darkness 2018" , as a curious fact all the members of this band are called with a letter of the alphabet

miércoles, 24 de enero de 2018

Iskald - I

Iskald -  I
Black Metal From Hungary

Iskald is a black metal band of a single member (G) of Hungary, this EP contains an interesting journey through aggressive sounds and dark characteristics of the Nordic black metal, in the instrumental and vocal part G plays very well all the elements for the launching of this work, guitar picking in high notes is exposed as a solo and becomes interesting when the melody changes are reflected. Ending this Ep closes with a harmonious symphonic melody made on keyboard

DESPOJOS - Grindcore Noise Compilation

DESPOJOS -  Grindcore Noise Compilation
Brutal Death Metal /Grindcore From Brazil

Despojos is a band from São Paulo, its fast and forceful style reflects the balance between old school death metal and brutal death metal, the riffs are very aggressive and simple but substantial, reflecting the trend of hardcore punk and grindcore to present songs of very short duration. This compilation gathers the most outstanding singles made by the band during 2014. Listen and support their last release Human Flesh Collector

Ensseminis - Relatos Retorcidos

 Ensseminis -  Relatos Retorcidos
Death/ Black Metal From Peru

Ensseminis is a band born in the city of Lima, its preponderant and dark sound highlight this band as one of the bands of the South American underground scene that rescues the essence of Extreme Metal of these regions, the lyric of " Relatos reorcidos " (twisted stories) refers to the destructive power of a human mind devoid of reason. Fanpage

Maniacal Miscreation - Nonconformism

Maniacal Miscreation - Nonconformism
Groove Death Metal From Poland

Maniacal Miscreation has its own arrangements of post thrash metal or better called groove metal, this EP released in 2014 has some very attractive riffs for those who enjoy bands such as Pantera and well-defined changes for good timing between percussion and riffs.

Sanctus - Demo 1

Sanctus - Demo 1
Thrash / Heavy Metal From U.S.

This demo rescues the sublime essence of the beginnings of Thrash Metal, you can notice a connection with the NWOBHM and the Thrash metal of the old school originating from the bay in the United States. In the midst of the lack of sophistication, a pleasant atmosphere is felt when listening to this pair of songs, since they immediately transfer to the beginning of the 80s. 

Listen and support Their New Full EP Do or Die

When They Invade - Visitors EP

When They Invade - Visitors EP
Metalcore From U.S.

band of the city of portland (USA) released in 2011 their EP entitled "VISITORS" which contains an interesting description of the world and being, involving an apocalyptic and horrific vision of humanity explained in a way that is close to poetry , giving special emphasis to the alien attacks and the decline of humanity. Regarding its musical form is to highlight the variety of changes and aggressiveness that is implemented within this Ep framed within the metalcore, in addition to the interesting introductions in some songs with sound arrangements of film. Fanpage

miércoles, 27 de diciembre de 2017

BUNE - La Fine

BUNE - La Fine
Sludge Doom Metal From Italy

From Italy the duo BUNE brings us a raw sludge Metal, this band formed by Christian Montagna (Son of Flies Webzine, Preda, ex-Cast Thy Eyes, ex-Traitor, ex-Morgue Views Zine) and Void (Feed Them Death, Rising Bear Flottilla, ex-Antropofagus) rescues the essence of the depressive Doom Metal and the rhythms of the hardcore punk showing an excellent execution of the guitar dissonances, the different forms of gutturals and screams and the depth of the percussions, it should be noted that the lyrical content This simple is full of contempt for life and existential crisis, not suitable for sensitive people.

Set Before Us - Voyagers

Set Before Us - Voyagers
Metalcore From Sweden

Band from Stockholm, Sweden, its sound is characterized by the unique way of combining elements of modern hardcore punk with elements of the melodic metalcore, incorporating a very strong breakdowns within the guitar riffs and acceptable changes of compacts. The gutturals used are executed with a real technique without incurring screams, showing an approach with the melodic death metal and hardcore in this aspect, you can also appreciate the harmony of the high distortions of guitar in the style of extreme metal with melodic interventions of guitars with soft distortion. finally the orchestral notes in the song "Meadows" are remarkable. 
We invite you to listen to the last work of Set Before Us titled Enigmas in the following link, you will be able to appreciate a clear evolution in the composition and production showing itself as a grouping of high creative and virtuous content.

martes, 26 de diciembre de 2017

Thorns Of Asylum - Born in Devil's Town

Thorns Of Asylum - Born in Devil's Town
Thrash / Death Metal From Portugal

The essence of this group is the thrash metal, with some modern touches that make it tend to sound similar to groove metal or post thrash metal and melodic death metal, the changes made during the songs are good and acceptable although sometimes it leaves in expectation some more aggressive and violent changes in guitar riffs and percussions.

Stupor Mundi - Ottobre Rosso

StuporMundi - Ottobre Rosso
Black Metal From Italy

raw black metal from the city of Tuscany in Italy, its style is a little rustic but with transcendence of dark emotions, since in its lyrics it speaks of the revolution of October in Europe ending the first world war, this group whose only member is called Margravious has a strong inclination for the defense of the proletariat, communist struggles and leftist policies

domingo, 17 de diciembre de 2017

The Black Thunder - Discography

The Black Thunder - Discography
Heavy Metal/Hard Rock From Poland

It is a proposal that rescues the Southern Hard Rock and Heavy Metal from the Motorhead line, conserving not only the clean sound of these styles but also an authenticity in terms of the variety of riff handling, with some elements of the metal being noticed extreme and stoner rock. in this link to bandcamp they will be able to realize the other discography in free download Bandcamp

PEOR - Exterminio De Almas

PEOR - Exterminio De Almas
Crossover/Death/Thrash Metal From Argentina

from Argentina is expressed this band that manifests through its lyrics a complete nonconformity and hatred against society and the world itself, within its style you can notice a great influence of Hardcore punk and metalcore, with some arrangements corresponding to the crossover thrash metal and death metal, it could be said that he manages a variety of riffs throughout this album and a good transition of rhythms within the songs, especially in those parts that resembled more the Melodic Death Metal

INFECTED DEAD - Forced Existence

INFECTED DEAD - Forced Existence
Death Metal From U.K.

a sound that the band defines as modern Death Metal, strongly influenced by bands like "Aborted" and "The Black Dahlia Murder" as well as the fantastic literature of HP Lovecraft, their style slides through elements of the melodic Death Metal, Deathcore, Thrash Metal and technical / progressive metal.

domingo, 3 de diciembre de 2017

Innerself - Demo(2016)

Innerself  - Demo(2016)
Heavy Trash Metal From Spain

rescuing the essence of the heavy Speed Metal and Thrash Metal comes this group from Spain who show an amazing handling in the riffs and in the multiple transitions of rhythms that shows us the violence by means of the insatiable speed

Excruciation by Silence - Endless Twist (EP)

Excruciation by Silence - Endless Twist (EP)
Thrash Metal From Russia

From Moscow, "Excruciation by Silence" offers thrash metal without remorse, giving an apology from its lyrics to war and revenge, the style is classified within the most raw thrash metal with some progressive touch to judge by  the instrumental management, it tends to be old School Thrash Metal.

Carcosa - Demo 2015

Carcosa - Demo 2015
Sludge Metal/Hardcore From U.S

Sludge Metal band with a great inclination of hardcore and Crust, from the city of new york. In their lyrics they deal with themes like anti religion and misanthropy, expressing emotions of hatred and repulsion to humanity, in their way of executing the style they remember bands like Amebix, Extreme noise Terror, doom and nausea

sábado, 2 de diciembre de 2017

Morbe - Dismal Vales

Morbe - Dismal Vales
Black Metal From U.S.

This one-man Black Metal band from the city of North Carolina, reflects very well feelings of nostalgia through their riffs and chords, in some songs the percussion of the bass drum has a fairly pronounced bass while in others clean chords are heard of electric guitar.

Falsehood - Demo

Falsehood - Demo
Crust/Death Metal from Canada

this group from the city of Edmonton, manifest all the impulses of aggressiveness through this demo released in 2011, this work compiles the use of different styles among which is Death Metal, Doom Metal and mainly Crust Punk, managing to show violence and heaviness at the same time in his songs. this band receives influences from bands like His Hero Is Gone, Tragedy, Dystopia, Sleep, Darkthrone, Bathory, Swans and Bolt Thrower.

lunes, 27 de noviembre de 2017

Лорд Скорбь - Ромеи

Лорд Скорбь - Ромеи
Black Metal From Russia

Black Metal crude from Moscow-Russia, the riffs are handled at a speed and aggressiveness, always imposing force on their percussions, recommended for those who are lovers of the second wave of European black metal anincios. Лорд Скорбь means "Lord Sorrow" in Russian.

Collateral X - Collateral X (2014)

Collateral X - Collateral X (2014)
Heavy Metal From Spain

Collateral X receives influences from the hard rock and heavy metal of the old guard, you can notice different styles within these musical genres, specifically influences of NWOBHM and hard rock of the 70s, as well as heavy rock and hard rock and roll of the 80's. All this work is a tribute to the golden age of metal and the beginning of Heaavy Metal

Serperus - Infernal Seasons

Serperus - Infernal Seasons
Thrash Heavy Metal From U.K.

This group emerged in liverpool, exquisitely combines the best of Thrash / speed Metal with elements of Groove Metal, subtly showing its experimental character in an evolution that has led from the EP "... with Pestilence" (2016), also it is to emphasize the multiple melodic elements that are made notice in some transcisiones of tempo and riffs that tend to a heavy metal sound.

Cryptobiosis - Temple Of Sloth

Cryptobiosis - Temple Of Sloth
Death Metal From Germany

Death Metal band established in Hamburg, Germany. This sample of the album compiles some good songs that characterize the style of this group, without a doubt they make their compositions based on the old death metal school executing their instruments without any remorse, influenced by bands like Black Dahlia Murder, The Haunted, Havok, Slayer , Battlecross, Sylosis and Meshuggah usw.