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martes, 16 de mayo de 2017

Exhumator - Žeň smrti

Exhumator - Žeň smrti 
Black Metal From Czech Republic

Exhumator's production dates back to 1992 when Peter (guitar, roar) and Tom (RIP 2008, Scorpions) play two metal in the barracks of the Democrats, "The Deal of Death," which the Satan had lost on the surface of the land over the years. And if he had someone owned by her, I would like for every info and copy ...

In 1993, the name of Exhumator is changed to Cemetery and under this name, except for the 13-year pause (1993-2006), the band is still active.

In January 2015 I brushed off the old, shattering Exhumator logo and again, with the help of Dark Powers and Black Magic, he re-recorded the demo "The Woman of Death" after twenty-three years. Like drums, I used the machine. Under the name Exhumator I will create new songs, taking in the spirit of times long past ...
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